Cultural pumping station

The Cultural Center “Pumpwerk”, an old pump station , a short walk from the hotel, shows events of various sectors, such as Rock, pop, jazz and cabaret for all ages. In summer you can enjoy cover bands “live” every Wednesday from 19:00 till 22:00 clock “Open air “ The park beside - with children's playground and beer garden - invites to eat and drink.


In October 1952, the theater was officially handed over to its destination. Since it is the venue and the administrative center of the “Bühne Niedersachsen Nord”. The Schedule has a broad spectrum, from classics to contemporary theater, entertainment, children and youth theater.

It is also possible to dine very excellent, before or after the performance in the "Artischocke" or in the “Theatercafé“.

Das Junge Theater/Studiobühne

The young theater ( since 1989) is the oldest children's theater Niedersachsens. Small studio performances are presented on a walk-in stage.

The result is a close proximity between the actors and the audience. Also popular are Student Theaterdays and actions in the sociocultural area.

“Kapitän Meyer“

The German “Seetonnenleger” from Tönning in Schleswig-Holstein is one of the last steamboats. He was until 1983 in operation and has now gone beside the "Weser lightship" by anchor. Civil weddings on the bridge are most popular.

Feuerschiff Weser

The " NORDERNEY " the Weser lightship was built in 1907. ( Just like the Hotel Keil ) and shows ships their way at the “Deutschen Bucht” till 1981.

Prinz Adalbert Denkmal

Designed by Karl Schuler (Sculptor from Berlin).

The monument on the “Adalbertplatz” was financed through donations of naval officers. Prince Adalbert of Prussia was the first admiral of the Prussian Navy.


The name of the historic industrial building can quickly connect to the earlier use of today's cultural center: 1903 wastewater plant was built on the “Deichbrücke”. Early 70s it had become obsolete and in 1975 converted into a cultural center. As such, it was officially opened in August 1976. Many well-known artists began their careers on the stage of the Pumpwerk. The adjacent park with children's playground and beer garden in good weather to relax and unwind.

Werfttor 1

The double gate is from 1876. Built of sandstones. There is still a mailbox labeled “Kaiserliche Werft” in the archway. Earlier the main gate to the “Kaiserliche Werft” is now the entrance to the Naval Arsenal.

Robert Koch Haus

Wonderfull Sandstone ornaments and chimes makes an eye-catcher of the three floor building. Built as an policeadministration for Wilhelmshaven in the New Renaissance style, it has long been the seat of the district administrator.
It is named after the physician and bacteriologist Robert Koch ( 1843-1910 ).
From 1950 to here in 1998 the health department was housed.

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